To point out all technical issues, we are always willing to consult and give ship owners appropriate advices related to the operation, repair and maintenance of ships and onboard systems. Maintenance and repair services of PSM help ship owners completely release concerns about any problems arising during operation. With a team of high technical capability, PSM is ready to:
      1.   Develop plans and implement regular or immediate repairs and maintenance at the request of the manufacturer, the provisions of registry office or actual condition of the equipment.
      2.   Monitor, supervise and perform the repair and maintenance work.
      3.   Repair ships at the port and on docking periodically.
      4.   Assist ship owners in prompt fixing of such the problem related to the equipment & system on board, specialized in the electric & automatic system, hydraulic system.
      Bringing the best quality of maintenance and repair service is our commitment since PSM’s responsibility is protecting assets and delivering to client maximum economic value.
         Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan
         Deputy Director
         Email: tuannd@pvtrans.com