• Employee Testimonials

      • Ho Minh Chien

        I was born in a fishing village by the sea and desired to travel to many places to discover more about the world, therefore, I chose maritime industry. PVTrans, PSM has nourished us since establishment. I grew up both personally and professionally at PSM so I have always been trying to dedicate to PSM’s development.

        In my opinion, the standards of a good crew is to have necessary qualifications in profession and language, desire to learn and be eager to grow. More importantly, keeping good discipline and implementing processes of the company as well as international regulations are crucial factors.

        PSM not only is a renowned company but also creates many opportunities for crew pools. To explain, crews have more opportunities to experience modern equipment, to contact and cooperate with foreign partners. Additionally, PSM’s fleet is diverse, with stable working environment and tempting income. PSM is ready to offer many opportunities for good seafarers to be promoted .
      • Phan Minh Luc

        Chief Engineer  

        Having passionate with technical major, loving ocean, travelling & discovering the world encouraged me to join PSM family. PSM has good management system, professional working environment; crews are provided careful training with high solidarity and stable income.

        I wish next crew generation would strive further and study deeper knowledge.

        Increasing their sense of responsibilities for their own professional careers, intergrating with developed countries, enhancing sense of responsibilities for working, deepening thoughts and being eager to grow.
      • Duong Minh The

        4th Engineer  

        To become an exemplary crew we need to: Enhance knowledge especially in expertise and language; Pay attention to comments, including blasphemed of everyone to balance and adjust the right attitudes and behaviors; Work unethical but not rigid; Think for others, not selfish or narrow-minded; More importantly, we must understand all regulations, maritime law, expertise and our duties to connect effectively with all departments onboard.

        To me, PSM family is extremely sociable, friendly, always creating opportunities and conditions to strengthen solidarity among crews.

        With 4 years working at PSM and sticking with marine career, which is not a long time but is was enough to form enthusiasm, passion and love.

        I want to send messages to my brothers in PSM and also to next generation: “Do not be discouraged though first time working are always difficult but just a short time. If you could pass that time, your career passion would be formed and your thoughts would change completely about seafarers.
      • Nguyen Thanh Duy

        3rd Engineer  

        Maritime is the most popular transportation in the world, which is definitely indispensable and accounts for over 80% of goods transportation. Once joining maritime industry, your employment opportunities are always extended with brighter future. Besides, we also have chances to travel to many places, to exchange & learn diversed cultures.

        PSM is a reputable company with good working environment and promising future, the company is on the way of building strong brand in the domestic market and internationally. Therefore, participating PSM was honored and as an opportunity for me to develop my career.

        To become an exemplary crew, at first we must love this job. Loving our job helps us do not mind any difficulties to fulfill all duties. Besides, we must form discipline and profession in work and in life.
      • Nguyen Thanh Tung


        I joined PSM to work, to learn and gain experiences since PSM has professional working environment and PSM’s fleet has cooperated with many foregin ship management companies which have reputations in maritime industry both nationally and internationally.

        To become a professional crew, the most important things are profession, foreign language and assiduity in work.