Safety of our employees, clients, society and environment is our top priority within our company. We comply with the latest national and international shipping regulations and standards. Everybody in our company also strives to improve the Safety Management System continuously with proper implementation, good feedback and implements the requisite adjustments that come up during management assessments.

      We believe that the quality of our services is directly related to the performance of our officers and crews. Therefore, we have a consistent policy of maintaining very high standards in crew health, work safety and environmentally sound vessel operations. A strong focus on creating a healthy working environment usually has a preventive effect on undesirable events. To maintain a good working environment on board vessels and elsewhere, we encourage.


      • Life-long learning practices among our people through training, motivation and personal development.
      • To conduct training exercises for our crew to meet the targets of zero accidents, personal injury, equipment, cargo or property damage, environmental mishaps; therefore increasing operational efficiency.
      Our company is managing tankers by a general Safety Management System (SMS) that is certified to the ISM code, ISPS code, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001. It also complies with other IMO regulations and standards such as OCIMF and TMSA. Besides, we have experts in improving of the SMS in order to reflect the latest industry legislation, assisting the ship owners in their TMSA compliance.
         Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan
         Deputy Director
         Email: tuannd@pvtrans.com