Our company has a team of skilled, competent and dedicated Marine Engineers and Naval Architects with proven track record in project management and site supervision of new ship construction. 
      1.   We carry out detailed review of the yard specifications and provide Owners with our comments to the Hull, Paint Coating, Machinery and Electrical systems. This review is made against Owners requirements, best industry practices and incorporating PSM's operational experience gained through managing similar vessel type. Our comments would also be useful for owners' in their negotiations with the yard to upgrade the quality of the vessel.
      2.   The four main phases of the New Building Supervision would cover the followings:
      • Plan Approval
      • Factory Acceptance Test of Equipment
      • Site Supervision
      • Commissioning and Sea Trials
      3.   Our Site Manager is responsible for liaison with the yard in all aspects of the construction program and to ensure that the vessel is delivered to the agreed specifications, standards and quality. Owners are provided with weekly and monthly progress reports which cover the status of steel construction, surface preparation & coating, machinery, piping, electrical installation and outfitting works.
      ​4.   The site team will closely monitor the yard's daily test schedule to ensure that various equipment & systems are tested and proven to meet the specifications and class requirements. Commissioning and Sea Trials would be carried out to owners' satisfaction and kept fully informed as to whether the performance of the vessel and it's systems has met with the agreed contractual specifications. We will also liaise with the builder on any further outstanding matters and take delivery of all documents and final drawings for dispatch to owners.

         Mr. Ho Truong Giang
         Email: gianght@pvtrans.com